Page Speed to be a Factor in Mobile Search Results.

As mobile search continues to dominate, Google made an announcement that page speed will be a new ranking factor for mobile searching starting in July of 2018. While page speed has already been a ranking factor for desktop searches, implementing page speed as a search factor for mobile devices is an obvious move considering that nearly 60% of all searches conducted globally are now done on mobile devices, with some sectors reaching up to 72%.

According to a recent Statista study, as of October 2017 Google accounted for more than 94% of the mobile search market in the United States. Therefore, it is likely Google sees these changes as a way to protect their status as the leader in mobile search.

What Should You Know

So what does this new Google “Speed Update” mean for your typical website? While page loading time will be factored into mobile search rankings, according to Google the changes will only affect pages that deliver the slowest user experience – meaning only a very small percentage of sites will be affected. While sites with very slow loading times will be down ranked, it is still unclear if very fast sites will be rewarded.

The Takeaway

All that said, at the end of the day producing a nice amount of quality content is still your top priority. While page loading will soon be a ranking factor for mobile searches, slow pages will still rank higher than faster loading pages if the slower page provides more relevant content to the specific search.