Debating the Benefits and Pitfalls of AI-Fueled Content Writing 

UpdateD: January 7, 2023

As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to AI-fueled content writing to help them create marketing content that is engaging, informative, and optimized for search engines.

But while AI-fueled content writing can be advantageous in many ways, there are also potential pitfalls that must be considered before using it.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits and pitfalls of AI-fueled content writing, as well as provide tips on how to create successful AI-fueled content.

What is AI-Fueled Content Writing?

AI-fueled content writing is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create content for websites, blogs, or any other online platform. AI-powered content writing tools use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of a given topic and generate content that is tailored to the user's needs.

This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create content, as well as make it easier to optimize content for search engines.

Benefits of AI-Fueled Content Writing

AI writing tools have come along way in the past few years and are now at a point where they can be very useful if used properly. There are many benefits to using AI-fueled content writing. 

Saves Time

The most obvious benefit is time savings. AI-powered tools can quickly generate content that is tailored to the user's needs, saving businesses time and money, as they no longer have to spend hours creating content from scratch.

Cost Effective

Quality writing takes time, which can cost an average small business a heavy amount if they are trying to consistently put out fresh and engaging content. Many have turned to offshore, freelance writers to keep costs low, but end up with poorly written content.

AI writing tools are an excellent alternative for companies trying to find a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality.

Fuels Creativity

Another benefit of AI-fueled content writing is that it helps writers generate new ideas and brainstorm potential topics. Let's face it, when trying to consistently publish fresh content that is relevant to your specific industry it's easy to get stuck and encounter writer's block.

AI writing tools can help to quickly generate a variety of fresh content ideas that can help jumpstart your creativity.

Helps with SEO

Finally, AI-fueled content writing can help businesses optimize their content for search engines. AI-powered tools are able to analyze content and determine which keywords are most likely to drive traffic to a website.

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Although AI-fueled content writing can be beneficial for businesses, there are also some potential pitfalls to consider.

Limited Understanding of Context

One of the main issues is that AI-powered tools can be limited in their ability to understand context. Especially for topics that are very recent, are complex, or have a lot of nuance.

For example, if you try to use an AI writer to generate an article on the topic of "Quite Quitting" (a recent workplace trend where disgruntled employees disengage from their job, opting not to take on any additional responsibilities) you may get an article about people who attempt to quietly quit smoking. Not very helpful!

In this specific example the content created by the AI writing tool is completely off-base, inaccurate, and of little, if any, value.

Can Yield Odd Results and Contain Mistakes

AI-fueled content writing tools can generate oddly phrased text, contain factual errors, or in many cases can be repetitive. AI-fueled content writing tools can generate oddly phrased text, contain factual errors, or in many cases can be repetitive – Haha, just checking to see if you were paying attention.

But seriously, in my experience with using a variety of different AI writing tools, I have noticed all of them have a tendency to be repetitive. And in many cases, repeat sentences and even paragraphs verbatim.

The bottom line here is generated content may not read well in all cases, or worse, could contain factual errors that can be damaging to your reputation.

While these tools are getting better every day, they are still far from perfect and require human oversight to ensure you achieve a quality outcome and correct any possible errors.

Content Lacks Originality

While I stated that AI writing tools can fuel creativity, they cannot write anything new ideas therefore the produced content will lack originality. This is because AI writing tools are dependent on existing content on a given subject in order to generate its output.

This does not mean that the produced content is not unique, however. Instead, think of it as an aggregation of existing content on the subject compiled into a unique article.

So while AI copywriting writing tools can generate well-written articles on a wide variety of existing topics, they cannot create content that contains any new ideas. At least not yet!

Unable to Understand Human Emotion

These tools do a great job of creating "first drafts" for you to edit and expand on, you cannot rely on them to generate engaging content that offers a uniquely human perspective. Because of this, the generated content can be bland, or even boring in tone.

To address this, many of the top AI-fueled content writing tools have introduced the ability to specify the tone of voice for the generated content - such as professional, witty, excited, dramatic, and even funny. However, even with these new features, the produced content can still come off as robotic.

How AI-Fueled Content Writing Works

All AI content writers use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of a given topic and generate content tailored to the user's needs. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on understanding the meaning and context of language.

Using these tools is straightforward. To create content, the user will first enter a topic or keywords that they would like to generate content about.

The AI-powered tool then uses NLP to analyze the keywords, determine the context of the topic, and then generates content tailored to the user's needs in less than a few minutes.

Many tools allow users to provide feedback on the quality of produced content so that the tool can learn and adjust over time.

Strategies for Successful AI-Fueled Content Writing

While AI writing tools can offer significant benefits, you must be careful to use them properly, or you could run into some severe issues, including potential de-ranking from Google.

Therefore, when using an AI-powered content writing tool, there are a few guidelines and strategies you can follow to help ensure success:

Be as Specific as Possible

When starting a new writing project with an AI writer, provide the automation tool with as specific and detailed instructions and keywords as possible. This will help the tool more effectively understand the context of your topic and will help it generate higher-quality, SEO-optimized content that is tailored to your needs.

Fact Check the Output

If your post uses stats, makes specific claims, or is written for an industry where factual errors will produce a significant negative impact (i.e., medical or financial), check the generated output to confirm all facts, research, and statistics are true and accurate.

Use the Output as a Starting Point

I recommend against publishing AI-created content without at least proofreading and editing. As we discussed earlier, there are still many pitfalls with these tools, and just posting generated content without a thorough review could be very damaging to your brand.

That said, if you plan to use these tools, use them as a starting point. A way to quickly get an idea flushed out and an outline created. Using these tools to supplement your current writing routine can be extremely useful while relying on them to replace your entire start-to-finish process is a big mistake.

Popular AI Content Creation Tools

There are a number of popular AI-fueled content writing tools available, each with its own features and benefits. Some of the most popular tools include:

AI-Fueled Content Writing Tools - Jasper

Jasper is one of the most popular AI content writing tools that boasts of generating original content ten times faster than traditional writing methods. This tool can read and write content in 25 different languages, offers over 50 different writing templates, and claims to have over 100,000 users worldwide.

While there is no free version of Jasper, they offer a free 5-day trial of up to 10,000 words. Their basic plan starts at $24/mo (20,000 words), and their "boss mode" plan starts at $49/mo (50,000 words).

AI-Fueled Content Writing Tools - WriteSonic

WriteSonic is another very popular AI writing tool that claims to generate high-quality content including articles, blogs, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, tweets, Instagram captions, and more—all in just seconds.

WriteSonic positions itself as a tool for generating SEO-optimized content by strategically placing keywords, internal links, and external links in the generated content.

Their plans offer different amounts of word limits based on the level of quality output you choose – from premium, to good, to average, to economy words. However, from personal experience, anything less than premium words will most likely deliver sub-par quality.

They do offer a full-featured free trial for up to 2500 premium words, and paid plans that start at just $19/mo for 19,000 premium words.

AI-Fueled Content Writing Tools - Copy AI

Much like Jasper and WriteSonic, Copy AI is another AI-powered writing tool that claims to help people write better content. It has over 90 templates and can write in over 25 languages.

Copy AI has the most straightforward subscription model. The offer a free plan that delivers up to 2,000 words per month, or they have a full-featured, unlimited word Pro plan for 49/mo.

AI-Fueled Content Writing Tools - Grammarly

Grammarly is different from the others in that it is a writing assistant that content creators can use to proofread and edit their documents. It uses AI to check for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and even offers vocabulary suggestions.

Grammarly integrates with content writing apps for both Mac and Windows, as well as offering extensions that work with all major web browsers. According to Grammarly, their tool works with over 500,000 apps and websites.

They offer a free plan that offers basic writing suggestions and tone detection, and full-featured Premium and Business plans that start at $12/mo and $15/mo respectively.


AI-fueled content writing can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to create content quickly and accurately. However, there are a few pitfalls to consider, such as the tool's ability to understand the context and interpret user input.

It's also important to select the right AI-powered tool, as well as follow a few strategies for successful AI-fueled content writing.

By considering the benefits and pitfalls of AI-fueled content writing, businesses can ensure that their content is engaging, informative, and optimized for search engines.

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